All of the Latest News From Our Expert Cleaning Team!

All of the latest news from our expert cleaning team!

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What Is Deep Cleaning? & What Does It Involve?

A question we are asked frequently is “what is deep cleaning?” So - in short - deep...

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally in your Office

Improving the air quality naturally in an office environment can help to reduce instances...

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The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

The importance of office kitchen cleaning is to create a safe and comfortable working...

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benefits of hiring an office cleaning company

The Key Benefits of Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

Keeping office premises clean needs to become a matter of greater importance. Discover...

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How to keep your desk clean and organised

How to Keep Your Desk Clean & Organised

Learn 5 useful tips on how to keep your desk clean and organised when you're working from...

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importance of office cleaning

The Importance of Office Cleaning – How Clean is your Office?

Due to the unprecedented pandemic, office cleanliness has been put to the forefront - it...

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Coronavirus in the workplace – and how to reduce your risk

We’ve put together this advice with Coronavirus in mind, but it also provides useful...

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8 Tips for Facilities Managers When Sourcing a New Cleaning Contractor

Sourcing a new cleaning company can be a difficult process. At Alliance Cleaning we’ve...

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Staff training – the Pathway to success

Commercial cleaning has a notoriously high staff turnover rate – but at Alliance Cleaning...

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Yes, you can be clean and green!


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Get the best out of your staff & increase productivity

Good Staff & workplace productivity are 2 very important components to making any...

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Innovations to Improve Your Cleaning Services

Take a look at our top innovations of 2019 and how they can improve your Cleaning...

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