Communal Areas Cleaning Services

Communal Areas Cleaning Services

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Communal Areas Cleaning Services for Your Business

Communal areas, which will typically receive the most footfall and activity, quickly accumulate dirt and mess, and often produce the highest levels of germs and bacteria when we perform our initial audits. They are also the first areas to look shabby over time – yet absolutely critical for that all-important first impression.

Regular, diligent cleaning as provided by Alliance Cleaning will reduce the likelihood of illness, improve the atmosphere and feeling of your workplace and combat wear and tear.

Communal areas often have a range of different furnishings and materials – wooden floors, carpets, upholstery seating, glass partitions and so on. Each of these need a correct and specific method of cleaning to get the best results and to prolong their lifespan, for which Alliance’s experts are fully trained and equipped.

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Communal Areas Cleaning Services

We Can Cover all Types of Communal Areas Cleaning, Including:

  • Entrance & lobby areas
  • Stairways & hallways
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Breakout zones
  • Mezzanines
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Reception areas

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Communal Areas Cleaning Services


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    A commercial cleaning service is the general term for a person or company that provides cleaning services for businesses. This can include all sectors such as offices, factories, bars, showroom cleaning and more.

    Commercial cleaning services important to provide a safe and clean workplace for your employees to work in. Key benefits of this can include increased productivity within employee and lower staff illnesses.