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Bespoke Commercial & Office Cleaning in Exeter

Elevating workspaces since 1998, Alliance Cleaning has been delivering unparalleled commercial cleaning services in the vibrant city of Exeter & surrounding Devon area. As pioneers in the industry, we specialise in creating and maintaining pristine environments tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s regular cleaning services such as our popular daily office cleaning, a meticulous industrial deep cleaning, or maintaining the cleanliness of communal areas, our dedicated team of cleaning professionals in Exeter is committed to ensuring your workplace is not only spotless but also promotes a safe and healthy atmosphere for everyone entering your business space.

Our commercial office cleaners are equipped to design a customised, cost-effective cleaning solution exclusively for your commercial premises. Contact us today and elevate your workplace standards with our award-winning commercial cleaning services in Exeter.

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Multiple Award-winning Commercial Cleaning Services in Exeter

Our exceptional office cleaning services and dedication to complete client satisfaction have made us experts in the field. As a result of this, we take pride in being one of the UK’s award-winning sustainable commercial cleaning companies and have set the standard for excellence in commercial spaces through our unmatched quality and care.

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Popular Cleaning Services in Exeter

If you are looking for professional, reliable cleaning solutions for your company, Alliance Cleaning can offer tailored commercial cleaning services with a focus on delivering the highest quality standards with safety and efficiency as our top priorities.

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Increase Productivity with Office Cleaning in Exeter

Investing in expert commercial cleaners and office cleaning services in Exeter can significantly boost productivity within your workspace. A tidy environment boosts employee morale and focus, leading to increased efficiency. Moreover, a hygienic office reduces the risk of illnesses, resulting in fewer sick days and uninterrupted workflow. By outsourcing your cleaning needs to experts, you can create an environment that not only impresses clients but also empowers your team to perform at their best.

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

Alliance Cleaning specialises in office cleaning services that can be tailored to your needs. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

Daily Cleaning: Ensure your Exeter office stays spotless with our daily office cleaning services, covering everything from vacuuming carpets to sanitising common areas.
Deep Cleaning Services: Address hard-to-reach areas with our intensive deep cleaning services, reaching behind office equipment and under furniture for a thorough clean.
Window Cleaning: Let our team make your Exeter office shine inside and out with expert window and surface cleaning, promoting a well-lit and organised workspace.
Restroom Sanitisation: Prioritise cleanliness in shared areas with our restroom sanitisation services, ensuring hygienic and well-stocked facilities.
Account Management & QA: Enjoy the support of a dedicated account manager overseeing your commercial cleaning services, while our Quality Assurance team ensures thorough audits of service levels and compliance with Health and Safety standards.

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Exeter’s Premier Choice for Commercial Cleaning Services

With more than 25 years of providing Exeter with outstanding commercial cleaning services, your business will benefit from an effective and efficient service, ultimately saving you both time and money. By partnering with us for your commercial cleaning services in Exeter, you will benefit from an extensive range of services that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Not only do we excel in office cleaning, but we can also provide more specialist cleaning services.

Utilise our Alliance Cleaning Ecosystem service, and our team’s extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to sustainability to redefine the cleanliness of your business today.



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Our decades of experience and expertise means we can deliver a more effective, efficient service that saves your business time and money, reduces employee downtime, and increases productivity and motivation.

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