Top Tips For Desk Hygiene

Top Tips For Desk Hygiene

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We’ve all heard the somewhat gruesome fact that your office desk is likely to harbour more germs than a toilet seat, but when we think of the hours spent there, this actually rings true. We work at our desks, chat at our desks, have phone conversations, and eat numerous drinks and snacks throughout any given day. It’s no wonder that if you don’t stay on top of your office desk hygiene, it could end up being a hotbed for germs, some of which could negatively impact your health.

So what can be done to ensure that you keep your desk clean and hygienic and minimise the risk of potential infections? Luckily there are plenty of steps you can take to create a healthy and hygienic workspace.

Here are our top tips for keeping those germs at bay:

Keep that keyboard clean

When was the last time you gave your keyboard a clean? If your answer is making you feel a bit sheepish right now, you are not alone. However, taking the time to keep your keyboard clean is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do when it comes to keeping your workspace hygienic.

Germs from your hands can easily be transferred onto those keys, not to mention, dirt, sweat, crumbs, and any other debris which can sit between the gaps in the keys for weeks on end. To clean your keyboard, gently tip it upside down over the bin and give it a shake to remove any loose crumbs and dirt. You can then use compressed air to clear away dust. Keyboard-safe antibacterial wipes or cloths and sprays can then be used to get rid of any stubborn dirt and germs and kill bacteria simultaneously.

Wipe down your screen regularly

Another area that’s likely to get dirty quickly is your computer screen. Make sure you wipe it down regularly, use a microfibre cleaning cloth to gently remove dust and smears, and a cleaning spray that’s specifically designed to be used on screens. Cleaning sprays such as waxes or polishes or anything with harsh chemicals must be avoided to ensure you don’t damage your equipment.

Pay attention to mouse maintenance

Keeping your mouse clean is not only going to be good for general desk hygiene, but it will also keep it in good condition too. Carefully clean your mouse by removing the ball cover. Use a lint-free cloth to clean it gently. If you want to clean your mouse rollers, use a specialist cleaning fluid to do so before putting the mouse back together and reconnecting it again.

Dust and polish your desk

Your general desk area should also be kept clean and tidy, and you can do this by wiping it down at least daily. Waiting until the end of the day is best. Make sure you remove any items on the desk to clean it thoroughly. We recommend dusting first before spraying it with an antibacterial germ-busting spray to ensure it is totally clean and hygienic to use the following day.

Don’t forget about your telephone

If you have a telephone on your desk, you’ll no doubt use it regularly, but do you remember to clean it as often? Office telephones can build up with dirt and grime, so it’s best to incorporate them into your desk cleaning routine as often as possible. Antibacterial wipes are good to use here. Wipe the entire unit down, but make sure you give the mouthpiece, earpiece, and keypad particular attention.

Empty and clean your bin

If you are responsible for keeping your own workspace clean, emptying your bin will be a regular task. However, it is also important to remember to clean and disinfect your bin routinely, otherwise, grime and dirt can build up here too.

Reorganise and declutter

A hygienic desk is a tidy and ordered desk. Not only will decluttering help ensure that your workspace is easy to clean, but it will also ensure that you stay on top of your workload, don’t lose any important documents or pieces of information, and will help you stay more efficient and productive too.

Keep cleaning products at hand

If you want to make sure that you keep your desk space clean, then it’s a good idea to keep cleaning products to hand too. The easier you make the job for yourself, the better, so have everything you need close by – then cleaning your desk won’t feel like too much of a strenuous task.

Don’t eat at your desk

While it can be hard to get through the day without a regular caffeine hit, you will be able to reduce the amount of germ and bacteria buildup by having a self-imposed no-eating rule at your desk. Breaks should be about getting outside into the fresh air and stretching your legs, too, so try to use your lunch break as a good excuse to leave your desk – you’ll feel more refreshed and motivated, and you’ll keep your desk hygiene better too!

Ensure your desks are hygienic with Alliance Cleaning

The above tips are all extremely helpful if you want to minimise the spread of disease in your workplace as well as create a clean, fresh-smelling, organised, and hygienic environment for clients, colleagues, and perhaps most importantly, yourself!

If you want to take the hassle out of maintaining a clean and healthy workspace, hiring a professional cleaning team to do the job for you can be a great option. At Alliance Cleaning, we offer reliable cleaning solutions for your company, from daily office cleaning to deep and specialist cleaning. Browse our complete list of services, or contact our professional customer service team to discuss your needs today.