Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

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Our Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

For particularly busy commercial locations, even morning or evening cleaning may not be enough to keep everywhere to the standard you expect.

Break rooms, kitchens, toilets and other communal areas can all accumulate clutter very quickly, especially in a busy workplace. The cleaner that space is, the happier all who use it will be.

Housekeeping and janitorial services enhance all areas of your workplace and creates a distraction-free environment where your staff and visitors can focus on what’s important.

Alliance Cleaning’s service is tailored to your specific requirements – certain areas or different times of day can be given higher priority, and our flexible scheduling service ensures your workplace is a pleasure to be in all day long.

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Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

The Alliance Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services Include:

  • Daily Office Cleaning Services
  • Housekeeper Scheduling Services
  • Janitorial Replenishment
  • Structured Communal Area Cleaning
  • Structured Washroom Cleaning
  • Structured Kitchen Cleaning
  • Constant On-Site Support & Assistance
  • Waste Management & Control
  • Morning & Evening Cleaning
  • All Day Cleaning Shifts

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Janitorial Cleaning & Housekeeping Services


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