New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions for your Office

New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions for your Office

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New Year’s Cleaning and resolutions to keep in 2022

Many people enjoy making new year’s resolutions of things they wish to achieve in the upcoming year. Many of these can revolve around personal accomplishments such as increasing fitness levels or learning a new skill, however, have you ever considered setting team resolutions within your company?

Creating goals to work towards as a company can motivate and challenge each other to work together to share responsibilities. In a communal office space, cleaning is often an area that gets a little neglected at times with employees arriving for work at 9 and heading straight to the door once it hits 5pm; it can be difficult to incorporate cleaning into the mix.

So why not set some new year’s cleaning resolutions to aim for in 2022 for your office.

Our Top 5 New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions for your Office

We have pinpointed our top 5 new year’s cleaning resolutions that we think will help keep your office cleaning on track.

1. Declutter

Every business is guilty of cluttering their office with old paper files, a collection of cables (that we all know will stay in a draw forever!) or perhaps even holding onto old, broken equipment that hasn’t been thrown out yet. Decluttering your office workspace and clearing shelves, boxes and cabinets of old equipment and unessentials will help to gain a fresh, clean start to the year – not only in the office but in the mind too. With everyone feeling more organised in a clean and tidy workspace, productivity levels will rise and your employees will feel more comfortable.

2. Tidy Your Desk When you Leave

A great habit to encourage employees to do – a quick tidy and wipe down of their desk at the end of each day will make a huge difference in the upkeep of your office cleaning. With people coming in and out of the office daily, it’s common for used mugs, scattered stationary and perhaps an empty wrapper here or there to be left on top of desks. In order to maintain good, safe hygiene standards, encouraging employees to tidy and clean their desks after the day is done will keep you on track for your new year’s cleaning resolutions.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces Daily

Bacteria are known to survive on surfaces for a considerable amount of time and are easily spread in an unclean environment. If you’re hot-desking as a company, ensuring that touchpoints and surfaces are clean and dirt-free is essential in preventing staff from getting sick and spreading potential viruses around the office. Wiping down surfaces is a quick and simple task to commit to and acts as a great starting point for your new year’s office cleaning resolutions.

4. Clean your Office Appliances

We all know this is one of the more menial tasks – however, leaving appliances that are used daily unclean and with a build-up of grime and dirt, can not only diminish the cleanliness of your office but could lead to a potential health risk. If someone uses an appliance such as a microwave that still features the splatters of the last dish that was heated, contamination becomes a risk. If you’re aware of someone with particular allergies or intolerances, then cleaning the microwave after every use or spillage becomes essential for employees to carry out in order to keep the workplace safe. Regularly cleaning office appliances will also make the kitchen a much nicer place to be!

5. Create a Cleaning Rota or Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

One of the best practices for keeping up with cleaning goals is to create a rota that assigns each employee different days and office cleaning tasks to carry out during the week. Having a plan in place to stick to will instil a routine into your employees to help clean the office interiors and surfaces. Having a cleaning rota in place also ensures that cleaning duties are shared within the company and sets the challenge for everyone to work together to keep the office a nice place to be.

If you’re looking for high cleaning standards to be carried out frequently, then investing in professional cleaning services is the next step for you.

Our Office Cleaning Services

At Alliance Cleaning, we provide regular office cleaning up to seven days a week and will work out of office hours to ensure that you can get on with what you do best. We tailor our services to a bespoke cleaning specification that suits your specific requirements. Our clients are our biggest advocates so ensuring that your cleaning expectations are met is very important to us and we will act as an extension to your team.

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