How A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

How A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

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If you are deliberating about hiring an office cleaning service to keep your office hygienic and clutter-free, there may be more reasons to do so than you think. While there are obvious benefits to having a clean office, did you know that having a clean office can boost productivity in your workforce too?

So how can a clean office boost employee productivity?

Less downtime

Keeping your office space clean will minimise the spread of germs and diseases in the workplace. Unfortunately, lots of offices are a hotbed for germs and bacteria to breed, making it easy for illness to spread among employees quickly. Nothing is more impactful to your productivity than half the workforce being off sick, and you can reduce this considerably by keeping your office clean. The average sick days for a person in the UK is 5.8 days per year. If you can reduce this by eliminating the majority of bacteria and germs from your workplace, you will see productivity soar.

Boost employees positivity

A clean and decluttered office environment will help your employees feel optimistic about coming to work, and therefore they’ll want to work harder and better for you. If you show your employees that you value them enough to provide them with a pleasant place to work, they will show their gratitude by working harder too.

Fewer distractions

If your office is dirty, unpleasant smelling, unhygienic, and full of clutter, it will be a challenging place to work in. Clutter equals distraction, so creating a light, airy, organised space will help ensure your employees remain focused on the job at hand.

Better employee retention

If your employees are in an unclean workplace, they will feel less motivated, under appreciated, will likely get sick more often, and therefore be more likely to leave. A lovely workspace is a significant factor in employee retention and it costs a lot to hire a new employee. In fact, it is estimated that the average employer spends around £3,000 and 27 days on a new hire (think interviews, onboarding, and training). So if you can keep your current employees working for you, all the better.

Minimise errors

A cluttered office is one where vital information may get lost more easily. A lack of cleanliness generally breeds a more careless attitude among staff. Therefore, keeping your office clean and tidy can dramatically reduce the number of errors, lost documents or damaged equipment that might otherwise occur, and thus help to boost productivity and keep costs down.

Save time

Being able to find everything you need with ease in the workplace is also going to create efficiency and boost productivity. A clean and organised office supports this, whereas a cluttered and messy one does not. If you hire an office cleaning company to help ensure your workplace is sparkling clean and hygienic, you’ll also save time spent if employees end up taking it upon themselves to clean; therefore they can get on with what they were hired to do.

Reduce stress and tension

A cluttered and dirty environment is unpleasant to work in and, therefore, likely to create more stress and tension among employees. Investing in an office cleaning company to help ensure your workspace is clean and clutter-free can minimise employee hostility and keep stress levels as low as possible.

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