How to Get your Office Meeting Room Ready to Impress Clients

How to Get your Office Meeting Room Ready to Impress Clients

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Impress Your Clients & Get Your Office Meeting Room Ready

As most of us are returning to the office and steering away from online, remote meetings- it’s time to get our meeting rooms ready to impress clients. Every office needs the perfect meeting room when holding face-to-face meetings. It should be somewhere that you enjoy strategising in and a place where you feel comfortable to spend hours at a time, visitors included! We understand that it can be difficult to make a blank room used only for conversations and calls, that’s why we have done the work and put together a foolproof checklist to help you get your meeting rooms ready to impress clients once again.

Consider These Touches for your Office Meeting Room to Impress your Clients

With a little planning, putting your employees and visitors first and by using the finishing touches below, you’ll have the perfect meeting room and will impress every client that walks through your door.

Cleanliness is Key

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do is to make sure your meeting room is clean. Visitors will not appreciate a dusty, dirty room to walk into, making sure your meeting room is spotless should be high on your priority list. All flooring should be cleaned, whether that be vacuumed or washed, surfaces should be wiped down and bins should be emptied to get rid of any smells. Smell can be a big factor and can leave a lasting impression on your guests, you might want to think about putting a diffuser in the room too. With hygiene being so important, make sure all the access points like door handles are sanitised and leaving a hand sanitiser in the room will let your clients know you are sanitising regularly.

Having a regular and reliable cleaning service can make this all abit easier to stay on top, and you can also schedule your cleaning appointments to match up with your important meetings. At Alliance Cleaning, we have years of experience and will make your meeting rooms, office floors and kitchens spotless so that you will impress guests and keep your employees happy.

To employ our team of professional cleaners, get in touch with us today for our daily office cleaning services.

Indoor Plants

It’s always a nice touch to add some greenery into your office meeting room. A room that is full of only a table, chairs and technology, indoor plants can add some life and make it feel more comfortable to relax in. Some indoor plants can have air purifying qualities, so if your meeting room is fairly small, indoor plants can help with the air quality.

Comfortable Furniture

There’s nothing worse than spending hours in a chair that is uncomfortable to sit in. To make sure your client is as happy as they can be, make sure your furniture is suitable for long periods of sitting. For example a chair that has no padding will become uncomfortable after a period of time. This can also lengthen your meetings, once your client is comfortable they will perhaps stay longer and will likely want to return.

Tea and Coffee

This should be a top priority for your team once your clientele arrives for their meeting with you. If a large meeting is on the agenda, it always looks good to have a station of beverages out so that your client does not have to ask. However, if it is only a small meeting, tea and coffee should be offered and a glass of water should be visible on the meeting room table upon arrival.


As mentioned above, decor can play a large role in ensuring your client will want to visit again. While a meeting room can appear to be a boring room, decking it out with plants, wall art and perhaps some lighting fixtures can make a world of difference. Create a great first impression and make your meeting room nicer.

Technology & Equipment

One of the most annoying parts of meetings is when technology goes against you and fails to work. This is something you can set up prior to your meeting to make sure that all laptops, TV’s, presentations, etc are ready to go to minimise the risk of malfunction. It is also important to make sure that technology is charged to avoid having cables lying around the room that can cause an accident.

Daily Cleaning for your Office

Use our tips above to get your meeting room ready to impress clients as we are slowly going back to face-to-face meetings. Making sure your meeting room is clean, decorated, and comfortable for guests is key to impressing and keeping clients.

Looking for Cleaning Services for your Business?

At Alliance Cleaning, we provide daily office cleaning 7 days a week. Our daily office cleaning services include a full office clean including office floors, meeting rooms and office kitchen. Keep your customers and employees happy and invest in professional office cleaning services today! If you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team on 01992 700073 or via [email protected].