Yes, you can be clean and green!

Yes, you can be clean and green!

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Environmentally-friendly office cleaning from Alliance

Sustainability is, by definition, essential to success, and whilst it’s a term that is mostly attached to environmental concerns we believe it should apply to all areas of our work. Making sure we use products, equipment and methods which take the best care of whatever it is we’re cleaning. Here’s how we do it…

Green commercial cleaning products

The cleaning industry does use a lot of chemicals. Unfortunately, water and elbow grease alone are simply not enough to meet the cleaning demands of the modern workplace.

We’ve used the Jangro Enviro Chemical Range for the past twenty-two years, and have never found anything better – and our clients agree. Jangro products comply with all current European regulations on biodegradability and preservation of the environment, and to see the detailed considerations that go into this they have a full Impact Rating review on their website.

Stock and consumable control

We constantly monitor the stock levels of our cleaning products, both on-site and in our stores. Real-time tracking and correct documentation means we never over-stock, but crucially, don’t run out either. Last-minute, hurried purchases risk compromising our principles if our usual supplies are not immediately available.

Training our cleaning staff

Just because one chemical is better for the environment than another does not mean it can be used wastefully. We regularly train our office cleaning staff on- and off-site to show how products and equipment can be efficiently and effectively used, and to reduce waste as much as possible.

Innovative workplace cleaning methods and equipment

The reason we’ve stuck with Jangro for twenty-two years is because we think they produce the best products out there: it doesn’t mean we lack the capacity to change. Far from it: innovation and change are at the heart of the Alliance Cleaning service.

We research and test new equipment and methods of working, and if we are confident they offer an improvement then we introduce them to our clients. It means we can clean sites more easily, more effectively and with less impact – on both the world and our clients’ working lives.

We are also always happy to talk to you about the specifics of what we do for your business. Too many businesses outsource their cleaning and then forget about it, as if by passing the buck they are no longer responsible for its impact.

At Alliance Cleaning we believe there’s a better way – contact us to talk more about this, whether you’re an existing customer or are interested in the services we provide.