Why a Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace

Why a Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace

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No matter where you work or what type of business you run, cleanliness will always be the number one priority to making sure the space is safe. The reasons to keep your workplace clean can be endless, but safety for your staff and customers is the most important.

A Clean Workplace Equals a Safe Workplace

There are multiple ways you can reinforce a clean workplace, and knowing the benefits of this can make a huge difference in workplace morale and productivity. Find all the reasons below why a clean workplace is a safe workplace.

3 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace is a Safe Workplace

1. Cleanliness Improves Productivity

It’s no secret that working in unpleasant surroundings can throw your productivity off, that’s why when we are surrounded by a clean workplace that feels safe, office morale and productivity increases substantially. A study carried out by Staples concluded that 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive in a clean workspace, while 77 percent said they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment. Those statistics above are enough to motivate any business owner to get the duster out!

2. Safety is Key

As mentioned above, cleanliness equals safety, they come hand in hand. You might think that your establishment is safe if the cables are tidied away or your staff have the right chairs to sit in. But if the surroundings aren’t clean of dust, dirt or mould – it is not a safe environment to work in. the factors listed above can lead to major health and safety risks if someone is exposed to harmful bacteria and germs. If bacteria is left or untreated, it can lead to severe damage to not only the building but also respiratory concerns for staff.

3. Returning Customers & Clients

It’s commonly known that if your office or establishment is not a clean environment to visit, your customers and clients will not return. Dusty surfaces, unsanitary toilets and overflowing bins can be the most visible to prospective customers. First impressions stick with people and news can travel fast, leading to a decrease in visitors to your business. Due to the effects of the pandemic, this could be detrimental to any business at this time, don’t create a reputation for yourself!

Hiring a Cleaning Company for Daily Cleaning

You may find that the job is simply too big of a task to do by yourself, and maintaining cleanliness is a struggle between you and your staff. Hiring a cleaning company can make your life easier, and your business safer for your employers and customers. You will notice such a difference in your team with a cleaner workplace!

Looking for Cleaning Services for your Business?

At Alliance Cleaning, we provide daily office cleaning 7 days a week taking place outside of office hours to minimise disruption to your team and ensure you can get on with doing what you do best, in a pristine workplace environment. Our daily office cleaning services include a full office clean. Keep your customers and employees happy and invest in professional office cleaning services today! If you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team on 01992 700073 or via [email protected].