What Does a Professional Deep Clean Involve?

What Does a Professional Deep Clean Involve?

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Alliance Cleaning are experienced in all aspects of Deep Cleaning, and our large team of professional cleaners are trained to the highest standards.

A quick round up blog of what a professional deep clean involves.

As an office cleaning company, we are regularly asked “what is deep cleaning” and how does my business know when we need it? In this article we answer all of the FAQs that we regularly get asked about our deep cleaning.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

A question we are asked frequently is “what is deep cleaning?” So – in short – deep cleaning ensures your workspace is free of dirt and dust and any harmful bacteria that could linger on surfaces and potentially cause illness and absence amongst your staff. Deep cleans can also involve electrostatic spray which further protects offices thoroughly cleaned.
There are some huge benefits to adding a deep cleaning service to your business. They eliminate and destruct potentially harmful particles & germs on surfaces giving them a clean and fully sanitised look. As well as this dust extraction happens during a deep clean due to the use of a Hepa filtration. Deep cleaning also offers electrostatic disinfection, killing 99.99% of all pathogens, bugs, & viruses in the workplace.

Does My Office Need Deep Cleaning?

Office workplaces might need deep cleaning if there has been the risk of contact with someone with COVID-19 as well as following specialist healthcare guidelines. As an employer, you must protect people from harm. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect your workers and others from coronavirus.
Coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces & can be passed on to others who touch the same surfaces.

Frequent hand washing & regular office deep cleans will reduce the spread of COVID-19 and is an important part of keeping your workplace safe.
In general however, office deep cleans are processes that intensively clean all of a space at one time. A regular clean focuses on different areas of an office, which are disinfected from top to bottom. During these deep cleans, speed is at the essence in response to contamination. It’s extremely important that you must be confident that the methods of a deep clean are reliable in its results of disinfection, if you can’t be 100% confident in this we recommend getting in contact with us at Alliance Cleaning.

What Does Deep Cleaning Involve?

Deep cleaning involves expertise and we recommend doing your research and reading up on the best protocols first. They can be achieved through our use of cleaning chemicals, proven strategic processes designed to tackle the bacteria transmission pathways, as well as breaking the potential chain of infections.

The importance of a deep cleaning has never been as important as it is today, with them becoming a popular choice for offices post-Covid to ensure a clean, hygienic office is in place for employees returning to work.

At Alliance Cleaning we use sustainable, greener cleaning products and methods, so you can rest assured that your business’s carbon footprint is minimal. We also store our products away from the workplace premises which prevents product smells in the workplace, should this deep clean be done in-house.

Why Choose Alliance Cleaning For Deep Cleaning Services?

We have been providing a huge range of commercial deep cleaning services for over 25 years. Our experience and dedication to our work mean we are uniquely placed to offer the very best cleaning services with innovative technology, systems and strategies that are second to none.

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