Tips for End of Year Office Cleaning

Tips for End of Year Office Cleaning

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When multiple people share the same space, it’s easy for dirt, dust, and grime to build up, and without regular cleaning, a once clean and tidy workspace can quickly become a dirty, unclean one.

Whether you’ve kept your office clean and tidy over the last 12 months, or have been a little lax with your cleaning duties, the end of the year is the perfect time to get reorganised. Why not take the time to deep clean your workspace so you can start the new year feeling refreshed and focused, without office grime and dirt distracting you from what you do best?

So what are some great tips to get you starting on your end-of-year office cleaning? Here are our best bits of advice.

Top tips for an end of year office clean

1. Get everyone onboard

Many hands make light work, after all! All too often, the end of office cleaning is left to the last man standing who might be too desperate to get away to do a thorough job. So start thinking about your office end-of-year clean a little earlier this year. Get everyone involved and make it a team responsibility to leave the office in good shape before you close up for the holidays.

2. Start by getting organised

Decluttering and good organisation are critical to your success! Make sure that you’ve made an effort to organise paperwork and digital files. Clean up any areas where papers have become piled high or where there is general clutter and disorganisation. Now is the time to put new systems in place and make sure everyone starts in the new year adhering to streamlined processes that will keep your office clutter-free and running smoothly in the coming months.

3. Clean desks and keyboards

Office desks and keyboards are often the worst areas for dirt and dust buildup and can quickly become a breeding ground for bugs, bacteria, and germs that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Ensure you employees take proper responsibility for their own desk area, declutter work surfaces, and thoroughly clean down problem areas such as screens, keyboards, desks, and telephones.

4. Clean communal areas and take out rubbish

Communal areas such as bathrooms, meeting rooms, and kitchens will need a good clean and tidy too. Ensure bathroom bins are emptied, fridges are cleaned out, and all washing up has been taken care of and put away. Even meeting rooms you don’t use often should also be dusted, wiped down, and hoovered to ensure they are clean and hygienic too.

5. Deep clean carpets, windows and other neglected areas

It’s easy to neglect soft furnishings that get a lot of abuse over the year. Curtains, carpets, and windows all need to be cleaned to preserve their life and ensure that no nasty germs or bugs are given free rein to breed on them. Take the end of the year as an opportunity to tackle these areas so you can leave the office knowing every surface has been attended to.

6. Maintain your HVAC system

Taking responsibility to ensure your HVAC system is maintained correctly is hugely important. A system that doesn’t work properly can cause Legionnaires disease and other health problems in your employees. Good air circulation is paramount and can reduce the spread of illness, so make sure you pay attention to filters, ducts, and cooling towers to ensure your system is in tip-top condition for the start of the year.

7. Tidy cables and wires

Loose wires from computers and other electronic devices are a trip hazard and breach health and safety regulations. So now is a good time to check around the office and tidy up tangled or exposed wires that could pose a trip hazard or electrical risk.

8. Re arrange if necessary

You know the old expression ‘a change is as good as a holiday,’? While we’d never deny you or your colleagues a much-needed break, now that your office is clean and tidy, you might want to ascertain whether a revamp is required. Moving furniture and changing the layout of your office space can provide a fresh start for the new season. Consider whether your current setup is conducive to a comfortable and productive working environment.

9. Get help if required

We all know that the end of the year is usually a hectic time for many businesses, and it simply might not be possible to deep clean and reorganise your office before you shut down for the Christmas break. Hiring a reputable, experienced cleaning company to take this off your to-do list might be a smart move and means you’ll have one less thing to worry about before you shut up shop for the year.

Alliance cleaning – for all your end of year office cleaning needs

At Alliance cleaning, we offer a comprehensive range of expert cleaning services that can leave your office fresh, sparkling clean, and looking fantastic before you close up for the end of the year. After the break, your colleagues will so appreciate stepping into an office that looks and smells great, is hygienic and safe, and properly maintained. Taking care of your workspace is taking care of your employees, so start the new year as you mean to go on, and you’ll have a happier, more productive team because of it. Get in touch with our team to book your end-of-year office clean with Alliance Cleaning today!