The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

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The importance of office kitchen cleaning is to create a safe and comfortable working environment. Allowing your office kitchen to become regularly unclean can influence negativity in the workplace. As a company, ensuring that your place of work is sanitary is a vital process to carry out, made even more crucial during these current times.

What is the importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning?

Keeping up with kitchen cleaning and other communal areas in the office is essential for avoiding disruption to your work productivity. A distracting and messy environment can heavily disrupt your workflow if your employees don’t feel comfortable in the environment they are in. Working in an office can often feature meeting deadlines, communicating with clients and generally a large, consistent amount of work. These factors can contribute to feelings of stress and overwhelm and due to this, some people may forget the importance of office kitchen cleaning – leaving communal areas unsanitary. A lack of cleaning, particularly when food is involved, can cause germs to easily spread and leave more employees the potential to become sick.

The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning in 5 Useful Tips

Tip 1: Clean Up After Yourself

Everyone will grab a cup of tea or coffee every now and then or perhaps someone has heated their lunch in the microwave after storing it in the fridge. Nevertheless, most people at some point in the day will use the office kitchen so employing a general rule in the workplace to clean up after yourself, the countertops and any utensils used, is a great way to avoid a messy kitchen. You don’t have to be strict to get things done, just a friendly reminder to your team members to wipe down surfaces with antibacterial wipes or a sponge and antibacterial spray can help out massively with the office cleaning and make a big difference to your work environment.

Tip 2: Throw Out Leftovers

There’s always someone that will end up leaving a 3-week old sandwich in the fridge that you can smell every time someone opens the door, ditch it! Making sure you regularly throw out old leftovers will help maintain hygiene and avoid spreading germs or bacteria. A weekly clear out of the fridge just before the weekend will keep this problem at bay, including any old and opened food as well as regularly checking the shelf life or used by date for substances such as milk. Cleaning the fridge can often feel like a tedious task, so ensuring that leftovers aren’t causing further damage is a priority.

Tip 3: Take Out Bins Regularly

One that is often forgotten about or left until it is full to the brim; keeping up with duties such as taking the kitchen bins out will make a huge difference to the cleanliness of your office. Bins will quickly leave a smell of old or rotting food which can spread into the communal area as fast as you can throw it away! Adding another distraction into the office area will only decrease productivity and potentially impact the social side of the job if people begin to avoid the communal areas they no longer feel comfortable in.

Tip 4: Clean the Microwave

A common piece of equipment that is often overlooked – microwaves need to be cleaned too! When you use a microwave to heat your food, the process that your meal will undergo will commonly leave behind residue in the microwave. With bits of sauce, pieces of food and a leftover smell that can reside for a very long time, it is essential that your kitchen microwave doesn’t get forgotten about when it comes to your kitchen cleaning.

Tip 5: Discuss The Importance of Office Kitchen Cleaning

The importance of cleaning your office kitchen is not only a sanitary requirement that businesses should uphold but can often lead to illness from the spread of germs and bacteria, leaving places short-staffed and adding stress to the rest of the team. Taking the time to address the issue of cleanliness in the workplace in order to maintain a clean, safe environment should be a priority and one that everyone will be grateful for moving forward. By outlining the benefits that communal office cleaning can have on safety, comfort and social impact, you can feel confident in ensuring a positive place of work.

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