Staff training – the Pathway to success

Staff training – the Pathway to success

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Commercial cleaning has a notoriously high staff turnover rate – but at Alliance Cleaning we buck that trend. A lot of our cleaning staff have been with us for years, and some have progressed up through the company to manager level.

We know that happier staff stay longer, take more pride in their work and are a better ‘face’ of our company. After all, it’s our cleaning staff who are on-site with our clients, day-in, day-out. We’re aware too that our staff may be seen as part of our clients’ companies. It’s important that we represent you well.

Our success is down to our investment in people. Each individual must feel valued, listened-to and supported. Crucially, especially in our area of work, they should know how to do their jobs properly. That sounds obvious, but it’s often overlooked.

For that reason we provide two distinct areas of training.

Training our office cleaning operatives

‘Day-to-day’ training makes sure each member of the Alliance Cleaning team knows exactly what they are doing: how to use our specialist cleaning equipment; which cleaning products to use, when and how.

We provide both on- and off-site training, some of which will be specific to individual clients, covering areas such as:

  • Entering / existing sites safely and securely
  • Safe use of equipment and machinery
  • Compliance with health & safety and legal requirements

Our ongoing commitment to innovation means we are regularly introducing new cleaning equipment, products and methods – all of which need to be properly and carefully used. Effective training is the only way to make that happen.

Alliance Pathway

As part of our trademarked Alliance Pathway program, we provide tailored training for all staff, either periodically throughout the year or whenever an individual asks for help and advice.

You can read more about the Alliance Pathway here.

Internal Team Training

Alliance Cleaning comprises of five departments which oversee the smooth running of the business. All internal employees receive ongoing support and training to help them with their specific roles – and to better-understand the business as a whole. Both individual and team training gives every Alliance Cleaning staff member the chance to master their field and contribute to the success of our business.

Whether you’d like to join the team, or want our motivated, skilful staff applying their cleaning skills in your business, please get in touch