Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK

Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK

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Award-Winning Office Deep Cleaning Services in London & UK

While we are likely to undertake some office cleaning jobs regularly, such as wiping down work surfaces, emptying bins, and washing up, other office areas may be overlooked.

Office deep cleaning services can be helpful to book alongside regular London office cleaning services. This is to ensure all areas of your workspace are thoroughly and properly cleaned. A commercial office deep clean can help protect your workforce against germs and harmful bacteria that may linger in spaces that are not cleaned as part of a routine office cleaning service.

As award-winning cleaners, we provide office deep cleans throughout the UK, not just in London.

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Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK

What does an office deep cleaning service entail?

At Alliance cleaning, we employ various deep cleaning services, starting with our unique ecosystem deep clean. This proven service targets bacteria transmission pathways and breaks the chain of infection in the workplace utilising tried and tested cleaning chemicals followed by an electrostatic spray for advanced protection. This combination kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria to give office managers and employers complete peace of mind, guaranteeing a clean, safe and hygienic environment to work in.

If you are looking for professional, reliable office deep cleaning services and solutions for your business, Alliance Cleaning can help.

We are proud to provide the most thorough, intensive office deep clean, working with your business to cause minimum disruption while sure that the safety of your employees and efficiency and effectiveness of our service remain our highest priorities.

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The Benefits of Office Deep Cleaning Services

We know how important it is for your business image to have a clean, shiny office space that both employees and clients will love. However, we also know that it’s not just the outward appearance that counts. An office deep clean can tackle those hard-to-reach areas to ensure that every inch of the workplace is safe, sanitised, and germ-free.

As well as the aesthetic benefits of a sparkling office, you can also enjoy less downtime due to staff sickness, improved health and safety standards, improved morale and productivity, and a better ability to keep your office running smoothly, without hazards or distractions.

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Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK
Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK
Office Deep Cleaning Services In London & The UK

Our office deep cleaning service includes:

  • Full deep clean & sanitation
  • Dust extraction with the use of Hepa filtration
  • Elimination and destruction of any potentially harmful particles & germs on surfaces
  • Electrostatic disinfection, killing 99.999% of all pathogens, bugs, & viruses in the workplace and continuing to do so for 28 days after application

Our office deep cleaning services are a fantastic option for teams returning to work or offices that have not enjoyed the benefit of daily office cleaning previously. Our efficient and dedicated team will get to know your unique business needs and create a cleaning plan to meet them.

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The Importance of Office Deep Cleaning Services

Keeping your office clean at a deep level will create a safe and healthy environment for your team to work in. You’ll likely see benefits such as fewer absences due to sickness, increased productivity, increased staff and client satisfaction, a better atmosphere, and even a reduction in staff turnover.

Office deep cleaning has become even more critical in a post-pandemic world. Although we are learning to live with Covid, taking steps and putting measures in place to reduce the spread of the disease is beneficial to your business, your staff, and the wider community.

We are committed to staff training, and all our cleaning operatives have extensive knowledge of the standards of cleanliness we expect and have been taught how to use our cleaning chemicals and equipment safely and effectively. We are proud to employ teams of hardworking, reliable cleaners who are committed to providing the very highest service standards.

A dedicated Contract Manager will work with you to create a bespoke office cleaning plan that works for your business, and they’ll be your point of contact throughout. This helps us offer a more personalised service with clear accountability for the delivery of every aspect of your cleaning contract to ensure we always maintain our meticulous standards.

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