Office Washroom Cleaning Checklist

Office Washroom Cleaning Checklist

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Why do you need an Office Washroom Cleaning Checklist?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses across the UK have been improving cleaning methods and routines to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and to keep offices open for employees. The cleaning measures that most businesses were following before the Coronavirus pandemic may now not be enough to keep employees safe. Therefore, we’ve created the following office washroom checklist to help you improve and enhance your cleaning efforts.

Clean more regularly and effectively

The first and probably most important task on our office washroom checklist is to clean a lot more regularly and focus on key areas within your washroom. Viruses can survive on surfaces for a minimum of 72 hours, which means surfaces such as toilets, sinks, and taps need to be cleaned more regularly to avoid contamination. Using disinfectants regularly and focusing on key touchpoints such as soap dispensers or bins can be the best way to remove any harmful germs or bacteria.

Encourage good hand hygiene

We’re all aware that good hand hygiene can help stop the spread of cold and flu viruses. So, it’s Imperative that this is encouraged at work and necessary supplies are always provided. It’s essential to ensure stock of liquid soap is always available in office toilets and hand sanitiser stations are provided throughout the office. It’s also important to ensure that you’ve got paper towels and hand dryers in place and touchpoints such as doors are reduced as much as possible.

Use disposable instead of reusable

By replacing hand towels with disposable alternatives such as paper towels it’s likely to reduce the possibility of harmful germs spreading between employees. It’s important to install hand free bins or disposal units so these paper towels can be disposed of responsibly and safely. It’s also best practice to provide useful cleaning products such as antibacterial wipes so employees can clean surfaces if necessary.

Promote good hygiene practices

It’s key to place signs and posters in washrooms to create awareness of good hygiene, such as increased and proper hand-washing, avoiding touching your face and sneezing into a tissue and then disposing of it. Spreading awareness of these practices is one of the best ways you can keep employees safe and hopefully avoid an outbreak of Covid-19.

How can Alliance Cleaning help?

The above office washroom checklist is used frequently by our cleaners and helps us turn washrooms into a pleasant environment for staff and visitors alike.

Alliance Cleaning provides expert washroom deep cleaning services and our cleaners can help with sanitising toilets, urinals, basins, floors, walls and all other fixtures and fittings in your washrooms. For more information about our services and to obtain a no-obligation quote, get in touch with our friendly team today.