Office Touchpoint Cleaning Checklist

Office Touchpoint Cleaning Checklist

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While your office may look clean and tidy on the surface, you might be surprised when you dig a little deeper. Grime, dirt, germs, and bacteria can all linger on frequently used surfaces.

Even in our best efforts to keep our desks clean and wiped down and shared spaces clean and hygienic, it’s all too easy to forget about those touchpoints in the office, which are hotbeds for transferring germs from one person to another.

The most apparent touchpoints may be incorporated into your standard office clean. For example, it’s easy, when sitting at your desk for hours a day, to notice when a keyboard becomes dirty. However, there are lots of other touch points around your office space that may become overlooked.

We focus on these areas in our touchpoint office cleaning checklist to help office employees ensure they are keeping their workspaces as germ-free as possible.

Office cleaning touchpoint checklist revealed!

Here is a comprehensive list of all the touchpoints that can be found in a typical office space.

  • Door handles (including cupboard doors) – everyone who opens and closes a door may spread germs from their hands onto that area
  • Door push areas – even if you don’t have door handles, pushing on doors can also transfer germs and bacteria from person to person
  • Light switches – consider how many lights are turned on and off each day!
  • Appliance handles – if you have a communal kitchen, wiping down fridge doors, cupboard handles, kettle handles, and toaster knobs is a must
  • Remotes for TVs or presentations
  • Taps in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Kitchen work surfaces
  • Toilet handles/ buttons
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Tables and desks in meeting rooms
  • Any surfaces in the offices such as desks, shelving, windowsills, and so on
  • Handles or cords for window blinds or window handles
  • Keyboards and phones, including mobile devices
  • Any additional equipment you’d find in the office
  • Bannisters and handrails on staircases
  • Lift buttons

When people cough or sneeze, it’s all too easy for germs to get onto the surfaces listed above. Germs can live on these surfaces for several hours, meaning that anyone else who touches them is then at risk of infection. By regularly cleaning these surfaces, you can help minimise the spread of germs and reduce sickness within your teams, keeping efficiency and productivity high and minimising absences from work due to infection.

How to clean your office touchpoints

You don’t necessarily need a whole array of specialist cleaning products to clean your office thoroughly. However, it can be helpful to equip the office with some of the essential tools such as dusters, cloths, and a good antibacterial cleaning spray to kill off germs and keep your touchpoint clean and hygienic. Keeping office cleaning products easily accessible and setting up a cleaning rota can also help you and your team stay on top of these tasks.

Alliance Cleaning Services – for daily, deep, and specialist office cleans

Of course, during a busy working day, you may not be able to get to work cleaning all the areas on the above touchpoint cleaning checklist frequently. That’s why hiring a professional office cleaning company to help you keep on top of these tasks can be a smart move. A reputable, experienced office cleaning company will include all the office cleaning touchpoints as part of their routine cleaning.

As well as failing cleaning, deep cleaning and a wide range of other office cleaning services, we also offer our unique Alliance Cleaning Ecosystem, which aims to provide a complete 360° service for cleaning, hygiene & bacteria control in the workplace. We achieve this by utilising innovative cleaning chemicals & follow a strategic process to destroy bacteria transmission pathways and eliminate the chain of infection in the workplace.

So if you want to ensure that your office remains clean and hygienic, protect the health of your employees, and minimise downtime, why not get in touch with our experienced team to talk through your needs today?