How much does office cleaning cost in London?

How much does office cleaning cost in London?

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In the bustling commercial scene of London, maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is both a challenge and a necessity. Consistent daily office cleaning and regular deep cleaning are crucial for a business’s success, but juggling a full list of cleaning tasks during a hectic workday can feel overwhelming.

At Alliance Cleaning, we recognise the struggle and the significance of maintaining a sparkling office environment. Many businesses opt to outsource their cleaning services to save time and ensure spotless results, but in London’s highly competitive market, concerns over escalating office cleaning costs are justifiable.

That’s why we created this quick guide to highlight the main benefits of outsourcing your cleaning services and provide insights into London’s average office cleaning cost.

Average office cleaning cost in London

The cost of office cleaning in London reflects the city’s premium market and dynamic business landscape. Typically, office cleaning services in London range from £25 to £50 per hour for general cleaning, but the exact pricing will depend on your office’s unique cleaning needs.

From the size of your office to the frequency of cleaning, timing of service, and any specific inclusions, these elements will contribute to the overall office cleaning cost. By partnering with a professional cleaning team that offers bespoke solutions and transparent pricing, businesses can ensure the maintenance of a pristine working environment, that enhances productivity, contributes to employee well-being, and leaves a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

At Alliance Cleaning, we offer bespoke cleaning schedules and clear pricing structures, designed to enhance your office environment. To avoid unexpected costs and ensure transparency paired with exceptional service, contact us today to get an accurate quote, tailored to your requirements.

Factors that affect office cleaning cost

The cost of office cleaning varies based on several key factors, as the unique needs and circumstances of your workspace will encompass pricing. Here are the top variables to consider when budgeting for office cleaning services:

Office Size

One of the most important variables to consider, is the size of your workspace. Larger offices require more time and resources to clean, potentially necessitating more professional cleaners. However, while larger offices often incur higher costs, other variables also influence pricing.

Frequency of Cleaning

Whether it’s a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly schedule, the frequency of cleaning will also impact the cost. While one-off cleaning services might seem cost-effective initially, regular cleaning contracts often offer better long-term rates.

Service Inclusion

The specific needs of your office dictate the scope of cleaning services required. The complexity and detail of specific tasks and areas that need to be cleaned will influence the total cost – for example, carpeted versus hardwood floors, specialised equipment in the kitchenette, or the need for internal and external window cleaning.

Timing of Service

Daytime cleaning services might be priced differently from after-hours cleaning, which does, however, minimise disruptions to daily business activities. To decide the most appropriate time for cleaning services, it’s important to consider your business’s unique needs. That’s why at Alliance Cleaning, we provide flexible solutions tailored to your operational needs.

To discuss all these factors and get a solution bespoke to your office cleaning requirements, contact us today.

What’s included in professional office cleaning?

Professional cleaning services are tailored to meet the highest standard and can be customised to fit the unique needs of any business. These services ensure a clean, hygienic, and welcoming office environment through a comprehensive suite of tasks.

Here is a quick breakdown of the typical office cleaning service inclusion:

  • Daily office cleaning tailored to your schedule
  • Cleaning and sanitising office equipment
  • Washroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Kitchenette cleaning and sanitation
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Hard floor and carpet cleaning
  • Emptying waste and recycling bins
  • Thorough touchpoint cleaning to reduce germ spread
  • Feminine hygiene services

Partnering with a professional cleaning team allows you to create a customised plan that perfectly fits your office’s needs. To ensure your workspace is consistently spotless and well-maintained, get in touch today.

Benefits of outsourcing office cleaning

Outsourcing cleaning services can alleviate many of the common workplace issues associated with in-house cleaning. Frustrated employees arguing about the cleaning rota, and important projects being sidelined for cleaning chores that result in subpar cleanliness – sound familiar?

An unclean working environment that doesn’t reflect your high professional standards can significantly hinder productivity, drive clients away, and negatively impact employees’ mental and physical well-being. By outsourcing your office cleaning, you eliminate these concerns and focus on what truly matters. Trusting professional cleaners ensures your office remains spotless, enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing staff turnover, without compromising cleanliness standards.

Let’s explore the key benefits of having your office professionally cleaned:

Healthy & Sanitised Environment

A clean working environment is crucial not only to meet the essential health and safety standards but also to avoid employee dissatisfaction. Without proper maintenance, issues like frustration, exhaustion, and decreased productivity can drive employees away, making a significantly negative impact on your business.

A professional cleaning team will thoroughly clean and sanitise your office, allowing employees to feel safe and welcome in their workspace, and deliver results without worrying about jeopardising their welfare.

Professional Service

A professional team delivers superior results compared to busy office workers who must set aside important projects and daily responsibilities to engage in cleaning tasks that will only add to their daily stresses and anxieties. Professional cleaners will handle surface-level cleaning, and also tackle dirt and germs hidden from the naked eye, ensuring your office is truly safe and sanitary.

Saves Time

Outsourcing your cleaning needs frees up valuable time for your employees to focus on their core responsibilities, without diverting their attention to cleaning tasks. Leave it to professional cleaners to handle all aspects of office cleanliness, without disrupting your workflow, and focus on what truly matters to your employees and clients.

Reflect your commitment to operational excellence – contact us today to discuss your options and learn more about our office cleaning services.