New Year, New Office Cleaning Company

New Year, New Office Cleaning Company

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We’re all familiar with the phrase “new year, new me”, it’s said every year and it doesn’t get any better as no one seems to stick to their resolutions… Here’s one we know you’ll take seriously: ‘new year, new office cleaning company’, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?! What better way to start the year off than hiring a brand new company to ensure your business is cleaned to perfection? We’re sure you can name a few, but for now, let’s get into the reasons why a new cleaning company should be a priority for you and your employees for 2022.

Hiring a New Office Cleaning Company in 2022

In light of the ongoing pandemic, office cleanliness is now at the forefront of everyone’s minds when returning to work in the new year. We know the word ‘coronavirus’ is the most used phrase over the past year or so, but it is still very much among us and we should be doing everything we can to eliminate its pesky presence. So let’s start with the place some of us go to every day- the office!

Reasons why you should hire a new cleaning company in 2022

Hiring a new company can be a daunting task, it takes a lot of research and time you may not have, so that’s why we have created a simple list of reasons why you should hire a new cleaning company to make things easier.

    • Unsatisfied with your current cleaners – This could be the number one reason why you might be thinking about hiring a new cleaning company in the new year- it’s the perfect time to change. You might have been left feeling a little unsatisfied recently with your current cleaning team, which has led you to look elsewhere. With cleanliness being a top priority in the current times, the last thing you need is your business to get a reputation for not being clean. The most common areas that your cleaners should be prioritising are waiting rooms, toilets, reception areas, staff kitchens and touchpoints like door handles and light switches (which can often be missed if your office is large). The new year is the perfect time to try a new cleaning company, you may be surprised with the difference it can make!
    • You have changed your office structure – Along with the pandemic came remote working. This has change has massively affected office culture and some companies have bounced back from this, others have remained at home. If your office had to change its working hours or location, this could have affected how often you need your office to be cleaned. However, in the new year, things might change and you may need to be prepared if your office building will be at full capacity again.
      At Alliance Cleaning, we offer a flexible cleaning service so that you can have your office cleaned during hours that suit you and your team. Our service includes out of hours cleaning, meaning our cleaners will do the job at night rather than in the day while your employees are in the office. The cleaners get free reign of the office after hours and don’t have to worry about disrupting other workers, and your employees won’t be disrupted- a win win structure! If you think this might work for you and your office, contact us so we can discuss your options.
    • You are in need of a change – The new year is the optimal time to implement change. It can be a breath of fresh air and with the current times, changing your office cleaning routine isn’t such a bad idea. Your employees and customers will notice the difference come the new year!
    • You need a specialist cleaning company – Are your current cleaners specialised in cleaning offices or have you hired a general cleaning company? You might have found that your current cleaners (if they aren’t specialists in offices), have missed certain areas that are crucial to a safe, clean office. These areas can include keyboards, phones, monitors and other technical equipment, also making sure that safe cleaning products are used on the office equipment to make sure no damage is caused is crucial.
      At Alliance cleaning, we specialise in daily office cleaning and have been doing so for many years across the UK. Our cleaners use special cleaning products on your equipment to make sure no damage is done and clean in all the right places to ensure your office is completely germ free.

Alliance cleaning – Your New Office Cleaning Company

Time for a change? Hire Alliance Cleaning as your new cleaning company in 2022. We offer a comprehensive range of expert cleaning services that can leave your office fresh, sparkling clean, and looking fantastic, fit for the new year ahead. Take care of your office and the people that work in it, a cleaner office means a happier team!

Get in touch with our team to discuss our office cleaning services today.