Innovations to Improve Your Cleaning Services

Innovations to Improve Your Cleaning Services

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Top Innovations to Improve Your Cleaning Services

Take a look at our top innovations and how they can improve your Cleaning services & transform your working environment.

As a growing business and service provider, Alliance Cleaning understands the importance of Innovation and how it can maximize all aspects of customer service. To achieve longevity within our contracts, it is vital that we carefully innovate our systems, processes & equipment.


ATP Testing


What is ATP Testing?

In simple terms, ATP Testing is carried out to detect organic matter, both living and once-living including blood, saliva and bacteria. The ATP kit allows us to measure hygiene levels within key areas of our Clients sites. This demonstrates our ability to combat bacteria and improve overall levels of hygiene. We do this to add value for our Clients, whilst carefully monitoring our service levels. The aim – improve your worker productivity!

How Does It Work?

Swabs are taken from any chosen surface and mixed with solution. After a chemical reaction has taken place, the tube is placed in the ATP device, where a measure is taken. The measurement demonstrates the Relative Light Unit (RLU), given from the bacteria. The higher the measurement, the more un-clean the surface area is.

Presenting Your Data

For recording purposes, Alliance Cleaning will document and monitor all tests carried out. Once converted into clear graphs, Alliance Cleaning will send over a PDF report to be viewed by our clients and kept on their database.



The IMOP is one of our favorites. This reliable machine is perfect for sites which have large hard floor areas, regardless if there are obstacles to overcome. The IMOP ‘wipes the floor’ with traditional mopping methods. It’s twin head mopping pads rotate 360 degrees, agitating any dirt from surfaces. The surface is mopped and left dry straight away, maximizing health and safety.

IMOP’s battery-operated system allows for easy use, preventing any tripping hazards, whilst decreasing time taken to complete key cleaning tasks. Valuable cleaning time can then be saved and implemented in other areas of your site!


Electrostatic Spray Cleaner

One huge hurdle to overcome in the Cleaning Industry is the overuse of cleaning chemicals & products. As a Green Company, Alliance Cleaning are always looking for innovative equipment such as the Electrostatic Spray Cleaner to contribute to our Sustainability Mission.

But why use the Electrostatic Spray Cleaner over traditional chemical trigger bottles?

Here’s why:

  • This device uses no chemicals
  • It has a wrapping system, which allows for large surface areas to be targeted in one hit, cleaning 3D surfaces quicker than ever.
  • This spray gun evenly coats surfaces using optimal amounts of solution.
  • The battery-operated device is perfect for cleaning areas which usually cause a problem.


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