How To Prevent The Spread Of Germs In An Office

How To Prevent The Spread Of Germs In An Office


The spread of germs in an office can be a real problem for employees. Unfortunately, offices tend to be places where germs and bacteria can spread more quickly. This is because, typically, multiple people interact with one another for many hours of the day in a relatively confined space. This means germs can spread from one individual to another through surfaces, in the air, and through person-to-person contact too.

We all know that employee sickness is a crucial contributing factor to productivity and cost efficiencies in any business. In fact, in 2019/20, it is estimated that 38.8 million days were lost because of work-related ill health or non-fatal injuries. This colossal figure reflects that it is vital for successful businesses to be thoughtful and strategic in preventing the spread of germs and diseases in the office and keep their employees as healthy and happy as possible.

So how can you prevent the spread of germs in an office?

Train staff

Make staff aware of health and safety procedures as well as general rules of hygiene. Encourage good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing, coughing, and sneezing into tissues that are immediately disposed of. By making staff aware of expectations around hygiene and educating them on how germs and diseases may spread, everyone can take individual responsibility for the health of the workforce as a collective.

Have a good sickness policy

If you don’t want people coming into work and spreading germs when sick, it’s a good idea to have a robust sickness policy. This way, staff members won’t feel they must come in and work even if they are feeling under the weather.

Wipe down surfaces regularly

When it comes to general hygiene in the office, there is plenty that you and your teams can do to keep germs at bay. Regular wiping down of surfaces with antibacterial wipes and sprays can help eliminate germs from the area, so encourage your employees to do this regularly.

Pay attention to touchpoints

Touchpoints are often where germs like to gather, so pay particular attention to these areas. Some top touch points include doorknobs, light switches, and telephone receivers. So make sure these are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Buy some air-purifying plants

Lots of diseases and germs can spread through the air and be breathed in by your employees. Buying air purifying plants and placing these around the office can help to keep the air clean, and will also look great and act as good mood boosters too.

Deep clean your office regularly

Regular office deep cleaning can help eliminate unwanted dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria that are more stubborn to remove. Investing in thorough deep cleaning services will help ensure that hard-to-reach areas are germ-free.

Invest in an office cleaning company

While you can encourage your employees to prevent the spread of germs in an office, by hiring an office cleaning company to do the job for you, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are getting a professional service, delivered by experienced, knowledgeable cleaners.

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