How to Maintain a Reception Area

How to Maintain a Reception Area

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It’s no secret that having an inviting reception area to your business makes for a great first impression to visitors, and creates a nice place for your employees to work in. A reception area is normally the first thing a prospective customer sees when they walk into your establishment, making sure this is a good experience for them is key to repeat business. A neat and clean reception area can also boost employee morale, help calm anxiety and can even boost production flow.

How to Maintain a Reception Area: Our Top 5 Tips

This doesn’t need to involve an expensive re-model or consist of buying new furniture, all it needs to start with is looking at your reception from your visitors’ point of view. Follow these 5 ways on how to maintain your reception area and you’ll have a reception that customers will happily walk into.

1. Get rid of bad smells

It’s common for smells to migrate in an office, especially if your reception is close to the office kitchen. For maximum hygiene and to appear as clean as possible to visitors, making sure bad smalls are banished, scents can be very off-putting to people and can sway their first impression of your business. Consider investing in some motion detecting air fresheners and some reed diffusers. Place these where the entrance is, for when the visitor first walks in, and then also by the reception desk to keep your employees in a fresh smelling zone. It may also be worth adding these into the kitchen area, and also making sure that bins are emptied often.

2. Focus on flooring

A reception area can be one of the busiest areas in your business, keeping mess from the outside can sometimes be difficult to keep at bay, and it might be that you are constantly having to hoover or sweep your floors. We recommend buying a welcome mat and boot scraper to the entrance way for visitors to use so that debris isn’t carried into the building.

3. Space, space, space

Most reception areas aren’t the biggest space in the building, and it can often be hard to create a big open, airy space if there’s not much to work with. This is one of our favourite ways on how to maintain a reception area to keep it looking modern and fresh.

Start by removing any clutter for a cleaner look and perhaps downsize the furniture (opt for sleek and comfortable rather than big and bulky), big pieces of furniture may not be necessary and can take up more space than they need to. Depending on how your business works, if you have a smaller space, making sure that customers are not hanging around in the reception area for long is key.

4. Focus on lighting

If there’s one way to improve and maintain a reception area, it’s always through the lighting.

Natural light is generally more welcoming and easier on the eyes than artificial light. If your reception is blessed with lots of natural light, position the furniture in a way that accentuates the natural light.

However, not every reception has lots of natural light, therefore you can invest in some light bulbs that mimic the natural light look. We recommend trying out a few to see what works best with your space, and also to make sure no bulbs are blown, this can give off a bad atmosphere to visitors making your business seem run down.

5. Create a calming environment

The reception area can often be the most busy with phones ringing and people coming through the door, it can be a stressful environment for visitors and employees. Making sure your reception area is a calming environment, it’s good to maintain the appearance, this can include:

  • Painting in neutral colours
  • Visible hand sanitiser
  • Indoor plants to improve air quality
  • Switching the layout from time to time

Daily Cleaning for your Reception Area

Of course a major factor on how to maintain your reception area is keeping it clean and tidy. Making sure your reception area is visibly tidy and clean is a great way to create a calming environment, especially due to recent circumstances. This can include regular dusting of ceilings and surfaces, daily disinfection of objects and surfaces and making sure clutter is kept to a minimum. Don’t have time to stay on top of this regularly?

Looking for Cleaning Services for your Business?

At Alliance Cleaning, we provide daily office cleaning 7 days a week taking place outside of office hours to minimise disruption to your team and ensure you can get on with doing what you do best, in a pristine workplace environment. Our daily office cleaning services include a full office clean, with reception being a priority. Keep your customers and employees happy and invest in professional office cleaning services today! If you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team on 01992 700073 or via [email protected].