How to Keep Your Desk Clean & Organised

How to Keep Your Desk Clean & Organised

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5 Tips on How to Keep Your Desk Clean & Organised

Your desk should always be organised and tidy, even if you work from home or in an office. Studies say that a clean workspace increases productivity, whereas working in messy surroundings can affect your attention span and mood. Depending on your workload, some days your desk may be tidy and then others you can leave it in an unorganised nightmare. Here are some tips on how to keep your desk clean and organised to increase workflow and productivity.

1. Clear Out your Desk

Start by giving your desk or workspace a large clear out. Be selective in the items that you keep on your desk, these could be stationary holders, a monitor, and some decor pieces like a picture frame. However, if you have draws in your desk, you may accumulate odd bits that you know either need to go in the bin or moved to a different location. Once your desk has been cleared out, make sure to sanitise and dust, getting rid of any crumbs, coffee rings and bacteria.
Remember digital clutter and mess, since our world is all on our laptops and computers nowadays, you can definitely forget to clear out your digital clutter. At the beginning of the week, sort through your email junk, review your open tabs and organise any files that have been piling up.

2. Create Work Zones

Your work zone includes your desk, your chair, your storage and the room you work in. When organising your workspace, consider all these factors to improve the functionality. When creating your work zones, make sure you organise the items you use the most to be in the most accessible place. Keep clutter at bay, and assign a place for each item in your desk or in your home office. Creating work zones is a good way to increase your productivity, moving around throughout the day and making sure to step away from your desk every so often is key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

3. Control the Clutter

Poor cable management can increase stress and can cause overheating of your tech. By organising the cables and wires on your desk, it can give your workspace a whole new fresh look. You can buy cable caddies and cable tape on Amazon for a small cost. Try to label your cables, allowing you to identify your wires making it easier when you need to unplug one or you need to troubleshoot an issue.

4. Recycle Unused Paper

With how digitized the average workplace has become, there’s not much reason to have tons of paper files lying around your workspace. Unless using paper is a must, try to decrease the amount of paper you use and recycle the paper you no longer need.

5. Clean and Sanitise Regularly

You must make cleaning your workspace regularly a conscious habit – much like scheduling emails or attending meetings – so it never goes back to being a cluttered and dirty mess. Pick a time that works for you, perhaps this is every Monday for 15 minutes or at the end of the week. Try not to be lazy when cleaning up, make sure to use antibacterial cleaning products for the main body of your space and dust any hard to reach surfaces and areas. A top tip is to keep a hand sanitiser handy on your desk to minimise germ spread throughout the day.

We hope our top tips on how to keep your desk clean and organised will improve your productivity and help you enjoy working at your desk more. Remember to always move around throughout the day or get outside. As well as a clean workspace, getting your body moving is the best way to keep up your morale while working.

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