How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally in your Office

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally in your Office

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Improving air quality naturally can take some work, but it has huge benefits. In our offices we interact with lots of other people. By keeping the space clean and hygienic and the air quality as pure as possible, we can help boost the health and happiness of employees.

It’s easy to think of air pollution as something that only occurs outside. Pictures of air pollution and images of smoke, smog and factory fumes might arise. However, the truth is that air quality inside confined spaces such as offices, and other buildings can in fact be even more polluted than the air outdoors. With Covid-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to look at how to improve indoor air quality naturally in your offices.

Different ways on how to improve indoor air quality naturally in your office

Why does air quality deteriorate over time?

There are lots of reasons why indoor air quality can deteriorate. Lead particles, formaldehyde, radon, fire-retardants, and cleaning chemicals are all the manmade impurities you could find in the air. Then of course there are dust particles, as well as mites, and insects that just love a warm indoor environment from which they can multiply and thrive.
Of course, these impurities aren’t visible and are generally odourless, so it’s difficult to notice if the air in your office isn’t of good quality. It’s only if objectionable odours arise or you spot damp or mould creeping into the corners that you might begin to suspect that something is wrong.

Why do we need to know how to improve indoor air quality naturally?

Improving the air quality naturally in an office environment can help to reduce instances of disease and improve the health and wellbeing of employees. Doing so can assist those with allergies, and reduce hayfever. It can prevent coughs and sneezes that contaminate surfaces and pass on common illnesses such as colds and flu, which can lead to lots of downtime and lack of productivity in the workplace.

Office Air Quality Improvement Tips

Below are some useful tips which, when implemented, can hugely improve indoor air quality in offices. The best strategy, and the one that is most effective, is to try to find the sources of contamination and pollution and eliminate or reduce these. Good ventilation is also crucial as it will help ensure that more clean outdoor air can enter, and will remove pollutants through filtration.

Tip 1: Keep your office clean and hygienic

Keeping your office clean and tidy by hiring a professional office cleaning services will ensure that the air quality remains as pure as possible. A reputable cleaner will work with you to set up a regular cleaning schedule that can remove the build up of dust and dirt so it doesn’t get into the air and isn’t breathed in by your employees.

Tip 2: Inspect your building materials and furnishings

Regular checks of your carpets and furnishings can help ensure you spot any tell-tale signs of contamination. Any furniture that’s made from pressed wood or has been painted can release chemicals into the air a long time after being manufactured. If you are using old furniture, get rid of it. You can also make informed choices when buying new furniture or equipment for your office to ensure you buy pieces that are more environmentally sound.

Tip 3: Let the air in!

A really easy, yet incredibly effective way to improve the air quality in your office is to simply let more fresh air in. When you can, keep doors and windows open. Both outside air and natural sunlight can help keep air fresh and rotating throughout the building. While temperature and humidity might not always allow for this, when it is possible, this is a simple and cost-effective solution.

Tip 4: Try air purifiers

Another easy and relatively inexpensive solution is to purchase air purifiers for your office. Look for those that come with HEPA filters as these will do a fantastic job of filtering contaminants from the air. If you want to remove gas and chemicals from the air, look for activated carbon filters, as these are the only ones that will do this.

Tip 5: Remember to replace your air filters and heaters when required

Air filters will deteriorate in effectiveness over time, so make sure you remember to replace them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also consider replacing your heating sources to ensure they aren’t reissuing air pollutants into your office space.

Tip 6: Get plants

Lots of plants have natural air purifying properties. They remove toxins from the air and look lovely too. Good plants to place around your office that will do the job include the Spider Plant, the Jade or money plant, and the Weeping Fig.

Tip 7: Keep your air ducts clean and sanitised

Air ducts circulate cold and hot air throughout your office space. If these aren’t cleaned and maintained properly, dust, debris and bacteria can build up and will spread through the office air. If you notice your employees sniffing and sneezing, you should consider calling a professional to check, clean and sanitise your air ducts to keep them working effectively.

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