How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

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Effective Ways To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

There’s no surprise that your laptop keyboard can become a breeding ground for spreading bacteria and germs. It’s rumoured that a laptop keyboard could contain more bacteria than your toilet seat, especially if you share your device with colleagues or members of your household and don’t clean it on a regular basis.

If you don’t know how to clean your keyboard effectively, over time, grime and debris will build up and can cause your keyboard keys to stop working. Achieving a completely clean computer requires a lot of care and attention. Below is a step by step guide on how to clean your laptop keyboard, as well as detailed advice and suggestions on how to protect against germs.

Before Cleaning Remember To Unplug and Turn Off Your Laptop

You should always turn off any electrical devices before cleaning, this helps avoid any technical mishaps. Even though you’re not spraying or putting any liquids directly onto your laptop, you should turn the power off to avoid any damage to your laptop’s internal hard drive.

1. Tap Your laptop To Dislodge Debris

Turn your laptop upside down and while it’s open, tap or shake lightly to dislodge and remove larger pieces of crumbs and dirt. This helps to make the cleaning process a lot easier and removes any debris hiding in your keyboard’s crevices.

2. Use a Small Soft Bristled Brush to Clean Away Debris

Using a small brush to clean away debris and crumbs can help dislodge any dirt and grime lodged between keys. Ensure to clean keys when the laptop is upside down to avoid pushing any crumbs or debris back underneath the keys.

You can also use compressed air to clean and remove any debris. By using compressed air, spray between the keyboard keys in short bursts, moving from one side of the keyboard to the other. The force of the air will help remove any debris or crumbs that are trapped underneath the keys. Remember to never spray the compressed air whilst holding the can upside down. This can cause the propellant to get into the keyboard, potentially damaging your laptop.

3. Wipe and Clean Keys With a Damp Cloth

Use a lightly-damp microfiber cloth to wipe the keys clean and remove any excess crumbs or debris. A microfiber cloth is great at removing dust and is the best way to remove grime that has built up over time.

4. Disinfect Keyboard Keys

The best way to clean your laptop keyboard and help stop germ spread is to disinfect it regularly. It’s easy to disinfect a laptop keyboard and takes a matter of minutes. Spray any liquid disinfectants to a cloth and start cleaning away your keyboard keys, rubbing alcohol normally works well. Ensure not to use wipes that contain bleach as these can damage your keyboard keys.

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