How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

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Steam cleaning is a technique favoured by many for its ability to loosen stubborn dirt and bacteria and help to ensure the area you are cleaning is hygienic and germ-free. However, many people need to understand exactly how steam cleaning works and whether it is the most effective way to clean an office. Here we explore the steam cleaning process, its benefits, and whether there are better alternatives to ensuring your office remains a sparkling clean environment for you and your team.

What’s the process with Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning works by heating water to the point of boiling, which is then forced out through a nozzle or brush (or another kind of attachment) as pressurised steam. The powerful steam vapour loosens dirt, and the heat and force kill bacteria, allergens, mould, and dust mites. Because the steam is so hot, the process is quick drying and effective. It is a cleaning method often used in conjunction with others to loosen tough, deeply embedded, or stubborn dirt, which can then be wiped away with a cloth or sucked up with a hoover after the steam cleaning has taken place.

Which surfaces can be steam cleaned?

Because of the high moisture content in steam cleaning, it lends itself better to some surfaces than others. Surfaces that can benefit from steam cleaning include vinyl floors, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and even some soft furnishings such as upholstery, curtains, and mattresses. Sealed floors, painted walls, and glazed tiles should not be steam cleaned as the moisture content could cause damage. In an office, any office equipment such as keyboards, phones, and computers cannot be steam cleaned either. Therefore, although steam cleaning is versatile, it is essential to note that if you invest in or hire steam cleaning, there are some parts of your office you will not be able to clean.

What to look for in a high-quality steam cleaning machine

Not all steam cleaners are made equal, so if you are considering investing in one or hiring one to clean your office, you should look out for a model with the following benefits:

A quick warm-up time – some models are ready to use in as little as 30 seconds, whereas others take a few minutes to heat up. If you want to get the job done efficiently, find a model that can get to work fast.

Large water capacity – the more water a steam cleaner can hold, the longer it lasts. It can be tiresome having to refill the cleaner and wait for the water to re-heat, so find a model that can hold more water – but also bear in mind that this will be harder to manoeuvre.

Adequate spraying time – again, models vary widely in their effectiveness. Some only require you to direct the steam in one place for a few seconds, whereas others can be up to 15 seconds – this can significantly affect how long it takes to clean your whole office, so it’s worth taking into account.

Steam cleaning advantages and disadvantages

One of the main reasons why people opt for steam cleaning is that you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals. It’s also a fast and efficient way to clean and doesn’t require much elbow grease.

On the other hand, it is vital to use steam cleaners safely to avoid getting hurt by the steam. The steam that comes out is extremely hot and can cause skin burns and damage to the eyes if proper precautions are not taken. Some models can take a while to heat up and be clunky to use, so if you do decide to hire or purchase your own machine, it’s well worth doing some research first.

Alternatives to steam cleaning

While steam cleaning is undoubtedly effective, other cleaning methods may be more appropriate if you are hoping to sanitise and disinfect your office thoroughly. Our complete ecosystem cleaning process, for example, is a highly effective solution that will leave your workspace spotlessly clean and fresh while killing harmful germs and bacteria at he same time.

Clean your office with a professional office cleaning service today!

Steam cleaning your office brings about many benefits and can be a safe and effective way to ensure your office is clean and hygienic for your workforce. If you are considering steam cleaning your office or an alternative and would like further information or to obtain a quote, why not get in touch with our friendly team today?