Get the best out of your staff & increase productivity

Get the best out of your staff & increase productivity

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Good Staff & workplace productivity are 2 very important components to making any Business tick and achieve results, no matter the Industry or Market. As a Company driven by People & Culture, we know that getting the best out of your Staff & increasing productivity in the workplace can be very beneficial for a business which is why we always strive to get the best out of our employees.

We also know that it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Productivity in the workplace refers to how efficiently and effectively employees achieve the goals and tasks set out for them in their roles. So how much work do you get done in your given hours, in the environment you sit within, at work?

Depending on the type of business, employee productivity may look a little different from company to company. Increased productivity could mean achieving higher employee engagement, customer engagement, meeting deadlines earlier or being more creative and innovative in the production of new ideas.

It’s worth noting that productivity traditionally has been measured by the amount of hours someone works, so if Sally is seen working hours over her core working pattern, she must be a hard worker. However in reality, productivity should be measured by the work Sally puts into their hours. Nowadays if you’re seen working additional hours, consistently, senior management could question how effective you are in your working hours and actually are you using the time you have wisely?

As a hot topic we’re always looking at ways to increase productivity, and essentially get the best out of our employees… here are 6 suggestions that we believe in at Alliance Cleaning:

Give your employees the right tools

As a Business, you must take responsibility in providing your staff with the right tools for the job. Not every role will require the same tools, therefore you must be adaptable to understand the tools that each one of your staff need to be productive and fulfill their responsibilities.

Invest in training and development

Something we take very seriously at Alliance Cleaning – Investing in your people is the most beneficial way of flourishing your staff. Spotting opportunities for them to develop themselves will in-turn benefit the Business with higher quality work and better results.

Avoid micromanaging

This is one of the worst ways to manage your staff. Not only does this put pressure on their shoulders, it also creates an environment that pushes away valuable input and feedback from your employees and will have a negative impact on the overall Business goal. Giving your employees the freedom to work will create positive accountability to produce work of a higher level, therefore getting the best out of your staff & increase productivity.

Create transparency across the business

Transparency creates a real sense of belonging for your staff. Keeping them open to your Business developments and movements will create a caring team who will strive to go the extra mile. This is a great way to get the best out of your staff & increase productivity.

Emphasize the importance of health and well being

There are so many factors that can affect an employees health and well being which often relate to their own character and their home or social life, however this can also be influenced at work. Whats the relationship like with their manager? their colleagues? are they supported enough in their role? These factors are often overlooked by Companies who do not realize the impact this has on someones health and well being. Understanding the importance of this can have many benefits for both employee and employer – As an employer, ask yourself the question “how can we as a Business contribute to improve the health and well being of our staff?”

Create a comfortable work space

Creating a comfortable work space has so many positives. It can really tap into someones creativeness or improve their workflow & organisation – all contributing to their productivity at work. They should feel comfortable about where they spend their 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, which once again creates a sense of belonging and a productive Company environment.

If you have any other tips and suggestions to get the best out of your staff & increase workplace productivity, please feel free to add your comments below!


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