Do I need an Office Deep Clean?

Do I need an Office Deep Clean?

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Having a clean office is a key aspect of the workplace, to prevent illness meaning fewer sick days so more productivity. Deep cleaning an office regularly reduces the number of harmful germs and bacteria present. It’s clear that cleaning your office is key for productivity and for health and safety reasons.

How often should Your Office Be Deep Cleaned?

How often should your office be cleaned? In short, there’s no set duration or number of times an office should be cleaned annually. Although every office is different, most offices tend to mix there Deep cleans alongside regular cleaning activities. It usually takes place around every three months or so.
It’s worth mentioning however that every office is different, and size does matter. The larger the office the more often you should deep clean your office, compared to a small office where your likely have a deep clean less regularly. Although saying this it does make a difference the type of work that happens at the office with the chance of more germs & bacteria depending on the service or product you offer.

What Does a Deep Clean Consist Of?

During a deep clean, many hidden surfaces, ceilings and lights will be attended to. Typical deep cleaning activities include vacuuming disinfection and dusting. Then for an office clean you would likely wipe down to the walls, desks and the floors.
Offices deep cleaning would normally include any kitchens, bathrooms, walk ways, stairs, lifts & reception areas. Before the process comes to an end, a check will be carried out to ensure nothing has been missed & that all areas of the deep clean have been completed.

Our Office Deep Cleaning Services

At Alliance cleaning, we offer a wide range of professional deep cleaning services to help improve the cleanliness of your working environment as well as communal office spaces. By choosing our deep cleaning service you can expect:

    • Full deep clean & sanitation
    • Dust extraction with the use of Hepa filtration
    • Elimination and destruction of any potentially harmful particles & germs on surfaces
    • Electrostatic disinfection killing 99.999% of all pathogens, bugs, & viruses in the workplace and continuing to do so for 28 days after application

Our bespoke cleaning service can be tailored to your specific requirements, so you can rest assured – we’ve got you covered. With decades of experience, we are proud to have the ISO standard 9001-2015 Accreditation for our award-winning cleaning services.

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