Deep Cleaning Checklist For Offices

Deep Cleaning Checklist For Offices

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Booking an office deep clean is an excellent way to keep your workspace clean and hygienic and make sure that any dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria are tackled efficiently and effectively.

Why is an office deep clean important?

Regular cleaning services are fantastic for keeping on top of daily cleaning tasks such as wiping and dusting desk areas and office equipment, emptying bins, keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean and tidy, and hovering floors. However, through an office deep clean, other, often neglected areas are tackled, and scheduling in an office deep clean means you can rest assured that no stone is left unturned when it comes to office cleanliness.

How often should I book an office deep clean?

It’s a good idea to book an office Deep clean alongside your regular cleaning schedule. How often you should do so can depend on several factors such as the size of the office, how many people work there, and the type of work that takes place. On average most offices book an office deep clean around every quarter.

What can I expect to be included in an office deep clean?

To ensure that you are getting value for money, it is essential to book your office deep clean with a reputable, experienced company and ensure that you are clear on the different cleaning tasks that will take place. Not all office deep cleans will include the same service. So to help ensure that you pick a company that will give you the best results, we’ve created a deep cleaning checklist for offices so you can see what kinds of jobs to look out for in your contract before you sign on the dotted line.

Office deep cleaning checklist – what’s included?

  • Sanitisation of walls and surfaces
  • IT deep cleaning and sanitising
  • Dusting and cleaning ceilings and light fittings
  • Disinfection of walk ways, stairs, lifts, reception areas and all touchpoints
  • Kitchen deep clean and disinfection
  • Washroom and Shower deep cleaning
  • Carpets and floors vacuum and wash and Polished

A full deep clean should guarantee the elimination of harmful germs and particles. Our Electrostatic disinfection kills 99.999% of all pathogens, bugs, & viruses in the workplace and continues to do so for 28 days after application.

We also provide a dust extraction service in our deep cleans using Hepa filtration.

Deep cleaning your own workspace

If you want to deep clean your workspace yourself, you need to ensure you have a game plan. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you cover every area.

1. Get all equipment together

You’ll need rubber gloves and the correct PPE, buckets and microfiber and disposable cloths, scouring pads, dusters, mops and buckets, disinfectant and multi-surface spray, Vacuum cleaners, Carpet cleaning machines and hard floor cleaning machine and access equipment.

2. Structure your approach

Make a list of every cleaning job before you start. This will ensure you do the most thorough job and that no are gets left out.

3. Clear surfaces and cupboards

Decluttering is the first crucial step. Cleaning will be made much easier if you clear work surfaces and empty cupboards, fridges, and so on before you start to clean.

4. Dust and sanitise

First, get rid of any dust and debris by vacuum cleaning all areas, then with a microfibre cloth to clean and then a disinfectant or spray to clean work surfaces and equipment and kitchen and bathroom areas.

5. Hoover and mop

Finally, tackle the floors by hoovering and mopping all areas.

6. Ventilate

Once your office clean is complete, make sure you ventilate the space as thoroughly as possible to keep clean air circulating.

Book your office deep clean today!

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, Alliance Cleaning can help. We offer an unrivalled office deep cleaning service, including specialist techniques and equipment to ensure that your office is clean, hygienic, and a safe and pleasant space for you and your employees.

Our office deep cleans can be tailored to your specific requirements, so you can create a unique service that’s just right for your business. We are proud to have been awarded the ISO standard 9001-2015 Accreditation for our award-winning cleaning services and are sure you will be delighted with our service. Get a quote today!