The Ultimate Guide to Clean Gym Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Clean Gym Equipment

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With so many gym-goers sharing the equipment daily, maintaining clean gym equipment can be a challenge for gym owners. Not only do you want to keep your gym shiny and sparkling, but it is also good business practice to ensure that gym members and staff are protected from the millions of germs thriving in this humid environment.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of regularly cleaning your gym equipment, how to effectively clean gym equipment from cardio machines to free weights, to mats, and some of the best practices to employ to make cleaning your gym equipment that bit easier.

Why you should clean your gym equipment

Creating a safe space for members and staff alike is a high priority within the gym community. Members who use the equipment are likely to breathe and sweat heavily while working out. This can lead to gym equipment that’s covered in sweat and grime- or in other words, bacteria’s favourite allies! A clean gym facility not only looks better but will keep the spread of germs and bacteria at bay. A clean, sanitised and fresh-smelling gym makes gym-goers feel safer, helps with client retention, and ensures the equipment’s longevity.

Let’s explore these reasons in more detail:

It’s good for business!

While you can’t control whether people choose to be hygienic, you can certainly encourage it. Putting up signs to promote hand-washing and wiping down before and after use, as well as providing plenty of disinfectant and wipes to clean gym equipment will help remind people using the gym that it is their responsibility to help keep it clean.

Employing cleaning or gym staff to come around at regular intervals during the day also shows that you are doing everything in your power to maintain the gym, minimise the spread of germs and look after your clientele.

To increase equipment lifespan

Gym equipment is expensive, and opening and maintaining such a business is a big investment with ongoing costs. Pertinent business owners will make sure that they maintain their gym equipment to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Sweat and oils that accumulate on equipment when working out could affect the machines’ functionality and even cause them to break down. Thoroughly cleaning and maintaining a high standard for your equipment prolongs its longevity, ensuring that gym owners only have to replace or repair it for reasons outside of their control.

How to effectively clean gym equipment

Most gym users might wipe down the handles of the treadmill or the bicycle they have been using. In fact, cardio machines are the ones that are most frequently cleaned. But let’s see how effective this cleaning really is.

According to this study, the average treadmill has 74 times more bacteria than a water faucet, but perhaps more shockingly, the free weights- which are unfortunately not wiped as often- have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. More than 70% of the bacteria found on the tested equipment proved harmful to humans.

So with that in mind, let’s get to cleaning!

Cardio and Resistance Machines

  • Start by unplugging any equipment connected to power
  • Remove dust with a microfibre cloth or a duster
  • Dampen the cloth with your preferred cleaning solution
  • Thoroughly clean the handles, seats and consoles of the machine

Pro Tip: Do not spray the solution directly on the machine, as it could cause significant damage to the equipment’s electrical components.

Free Weights and Benches

  • Remove any dust and debris with a duster or cloth
  • Spray the cleaning solution on your cloth, and thoroughly wipe the whole surface

Pro Tip: Mind the gaps! Thoroughly clean all the cracks, ridges and indents.

Yoga & Floor Mats

  • Remove any loose dirt with a brush or cloth
  • Spray your preferred cleaning solution on the mat, and allow it to sit before thoroughly wiping the surface
  • Remember to clean both sides of the mats
  • Allow to air dry

Pro Tip: As wiping down Yoga and Floor mats after use is often overlooked by those using them, a reminder sign and a nearby cleaning station could come in handy.

Steps towards a cleaner gym

Train your staff on gym cleaning

Training the gym staff on how to properly clean and disinfect the gym equipment is critical. Toilets, changing rooms, floors, and cardio machines should be prioritised- as these are high-use areas. However, make sure you don’t neglect those areas which see less footfall. Creating a checklist, assigning staff members to particular cleaning duties, and making enough time during the day to effectively clean all areas and equipment can make a significant difference right from the get-go.

Choose the right cleaning supplies

Choosing the right cleaning supplies to avoid damaging your equipment is crucial. Harsh chemicals can lead to discolouration, and damage to the equipment, as well as skin irritation to those using it.

Make sure you choose a DEFRA-approved eco-friendly disinfectant solution that can kill germs and bacteria, along with a regular gentle cleaning solution that members can use to clean a piece of equipment after use, microfibre cloths and paper towels.

Be thorough

Deep cleaning the toilets, showers, and changing rooms is common practice in gyms. However, plenty of areas often go unnoticed, such as the inside of lockers, the free weights and weight plates, the yoga mats, and balls. If you’re wondering where viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens love to nest in the gym, the answer is all of the above. Clean this equipment regularly and your facility will not only be sparkling from the outside, but safe and hygienic to use too.


Promote good hygiene by encouraging the best practices for gym members and staff alike. Setting up signs encouraging a good hygiene culture by reminding gym members to wash their hands before using the equipment and wiping it down after use is a smart move. Other useful reminders, including asking gym members to use clean towels to place on benches and yoga mats, and not drinking directly from the water fountain could help keep your gym facilities cleaner for longer.

Maintaining a clean workout environment is a collective responsibility and there is nothing wrong with reminding your members just that!

Hire a cleaning company to clean your gym

Making sure your customers are safe from malicious pathogens should be a top priority for gym owners. However, regularly deep cleaning the gym takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why hiring a professional, experienced cleaning team can help take some of the hassle out of the process while giving gym owners the peace of mind that their facility is a safe and pleasant place to workout.

By hiring a professional cleaning company you can get to the root cause of unpleasant odours, kill germs and bacteria, extend the lifespan of your equipment and protect your staff and clientele alike. Whether you are looking for regular daily cleans or specialist deep cleans, our friendly team of professional cleaning staff are here to help. We’ll work around your schedule, eliminating downtime and cleaning when it’s convenient to you.

Get in touch today and let’s figure out together how we can make your gym the safest place for your staff’s and customers’ well-being.

So, while you get to lifting, let us do the cleaning!