5 Key Benefits of Cleaning Offices After Hours

5 Key Benefits of Cleaning Offices After Hours

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Find out the Benefits of Cleaning Offices After Hours

For all businesses, no matter the size, cleaning and maintenance of the building is a priority. Our years of experience providing commercial cleaning services have proven that a clean environment for people to work in can improve productivity and mood, as well as making for a nice place for visitors.

Have you ever heard of the old age question: when is the best time to get your office cleaned? In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of cleaning offices after hours to help you make your decision of when you should get your office cleaned.

5 Key Benefits of Cleaning Offices After Hours

Nowadays, a lot of offices are transitioning to after-hours office cleaning, and you might be wondering why this is. There are several reasons why so find out the 5 key benefits of cleaning offices after hours below.

1. Less Work Disruption

Most office workers will agree that having a vacuum on in the background while trying to work is not ideal, but the same goes the other way. Day-time cleaners feel like they have to tiptoe around the office while people are working, making the job difficult to complete for both parties. After-hours office cleaning eliminates the disruption, allowing for the cleaners to crack on with the clean, making as much noise as they wish.

2. Safer Work Environment

It’s known that a cleaner will have to use some form of chemical while cleaning an office area. They may have to apply toxic solutions that contain harmful chemicals that cause the cleaners to wear masks and protective wear. If your cleaners are cleaning during the day, around the office employees, will also be exposed to harsh chemicals and toxins. With cleaners working after hours, both parties remain safe while the germs are killed.

3. Cost & Time Efficient

Time is money. After hours cleaning saves time. Similarly to the above, the less disruption, the less time the clean will take to complete. It’s also a common concern for office workers that cleaners can’t do a deep clean whilst cleaning around the workers. Especially equipment like desks, computers, keyboards and phones, if they are being used- how would they get cleaned? After hours cleaning makes the job easier for everyone, cutting out the tip-toeing saves you money and creating a deeper clean.

4. Cleaners Prefer it

We’re sure that cleaners dislike having to clean around people, so when the office employees are taken out of the equation, it creates happy cleaners. Cleaners enjoy having an empty office to blitz clean in a timely fashion, without feeling like an inconvenience to others.

5. Guaranteed Deep Clean

As mentioned above, when the cleaners have free reign of the space, they can go deeper and scrub clean all the nooks and crannies they can’t get to in the day. Office equipment are the biggest harbours of germs and bacteria, especially if your company hot desks- the cleaners at night can make sure there is no spread of germs whilst protecting themselves.

Daily Cleaning for your Office, After Hours

Persuaded? I’m sure we have convinced you to join the dark side and employ cleaners to get the job done in an office with peace and quiet. Our 5 benefits of cleaning offices after hours sum up that it just makes sense for your business- from time and money saved to a better, deeper clean of your office.

Looking for Cleaning Services for your Business?

At Alliance Cleaning, we provide daily office cleaning 7 days a week taking place outside of office hours to minimise disruption to your team and ensure you can get on with doing what you do best, in a pristine workplace environment. Our daily office cleaning services include a full office clean. Keep your customers and employees happy and invest in professional office cleaning services today! If you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team on 01992 700073 or via [email protected].